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Bite Prevention and Animal Behavior

Discover essential tips and techniques to ensure safe interactions with dogs in FetchFind's signature Bite Prevention course.

Team Management

Discover empowering strategies to strengthen and unify your pet industry team within our Team Management collection of courses

WPA Pet Care Library

Dive into a world of exotic pet care with the Pet Care Guides Collection, courtesy of the World Pet Association! These guides cover exotic pets' varied and specific care considerations. Get expert tips to help you give customers the best advice for the well-being of their pets.

Brand Education

Introducing the first-ever centralized brand education in the pet industry. Elevate your expertise on products, empower your business, and exceed your customers' expectations with our extensive collection of brand education, all in one place.

Centralizing Expert Industry Education through Industry Partnerships

FetchFind brings together the best in pet care education by forming strategic alliances with key industry players. Discover why we are the preferred choice for businesses and associations alike.

  • The Go-To Platform: Your ultimate hub for interactive, high-quality pet care education.
  • Wide Reach: Empowering pet care pros across all sectors with essential tools for team growth.
  • Real Impact: Transform your staff into authoritative advocates for top pet care brands.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Teaming up with industry leaders like KONG, Cintas, and Fear Free.
  • Association Support: Endorsed by the World Pet Association, IndiePet, NAPPS, IBPSA, and Purina’s Pet Care Innovation Network.
  • Rich Resources: Offering unparalleled training opportunities and cutting-edge industry insights.

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