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Welcome to FetchFind’s specialized hub for pet shelters and animal rescue organizations. Your vital work in animal welfare demands a unique set of skills and knowledge. That’s why we’ve developed a suite of courses and resources tailored to meet the diverse needs of professionals in pet shelters and rescue organizations.

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FetchFind's Value to Animal Welfare Organizations

FetchFind provides a wide array of courses, all designed with the specifics of animal welfare in mind. We cover topics ranging from animal behavior and health to volunteer management and community outreach. Our goal is to equip you with the comprehensive understanding required to promote animal welfare effectively.

Breed-Specific Training

Enhance the quality of your animal care by understanding the specific needs and characteristics of different breeds. Improve your guidance to adopters by providing breed-specific advice and recommendations.

Emergency Preparedness

Ensure you are prepared to handle emergencies, from minor injuries to major health crises. Reduce the risk of negative outcomes in emergency situations.

Product and Brand Education

Equip staff and volunteers with detailed knowledge of different brands and products. Stay updated on the latest products and trends.

Risk Mitigation

Reduce the risk of accidents or mishandling of animals through comprehensive safety training. Protect your shelter or rescue from potential liability issues. Ensure compliance with animal welfare standards and regulations.

Training New Employees and Volunteers

Standardize and streamline the onboarding process for new hires and volunteers. Promote culture and safety. Reduce time and resources spent on in-person training.

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How to Hold a Leash
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Here’s a glance at some of our Animal Welfare courses

Bite Prevention

Discover essential tips and techniques to ensure safe interactions with dogs in FetchFind's signature Bite Prevention course.

Poop 101

Though it's not that fun to discuss, poop is business as usual when you are working with pets. Discover why monitoring a dog's poop is crucial for their well-being. Learn to spot irregularities and ensure the health of your guests.

Teaching Sit

In this lesson, we focus on teaching your dog to sit – a foundational skill that builds confidence and establishes a strong human-canine communication bond. Explore step-by-step instructions, expert tips, and proven techniques that will set you and your furry friend on the path to success.

ABCs of C-A-T

Unravel the mysteries of feline behavior with our lesson, "The ABC's of C-A-T". Delve into the fascinating world of cats as we explore their communication, instincts, and unique traits.

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