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Welcome to FetchFind’s dedicated platform for dog trainers. We understand that your role requires an intricate understanding of canine behavior, training techniques, and client communication. To aid you in your pursuit of excellence, we’ve created a collection of courses and resources tailored specifically for professional dog trainers.

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FetchFind's Value to Dog Trainers

FetchFind brings to you a comprehensive array of courses covering all vital aspects of dog training. From understanding canine behavior to mastering advanced training techniques and developing effective communication skills with clients, we aim to support your journey to become an even better dog trainer.

Client Confidence and Trust

Build client confidence and trust by showcasing your training and qualifications. Differentiate your dog training business from competitors. Attract more clients through positive word-of-mouth and referrals.

Emergency Preparedness

Ensure you are prepared to handle emergencies, from minor injuries to major health crises, while training dogs. Reduce the risk of negative outcomes in emergency situations.

Risk Mitigation

Reduce the risk of accidents or mishandling of dogs through comprehensive safety training. Protect yourself and your business from potential liability issues. Ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Team Building

Encourage friendly competition and recognition among your staff. Foster a culture of learning and continuous improvement. Improve communication and collaboration through shared learning experiences.

Training New Dog Walkers

Standardize and streamline the onboarding process for new hires. Promote culture and safety. Reduce time and resources spent on in-person training.

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Teaching Sit
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Here’s a glance at some of our Dog Training education courses

Addressing Behavior Issues with KONG

In this lesson, the KONG Company addresses how KONG can help tackle behavior issues head-on with the power of a variety of their toys! From teething troubles to crate training, digging, barking, and beyond, KONG has solutions that offer ways for your clients to address unwanted behaviors.

Effective Email Communication

Elevate your communication game with our insightful lesson on email etiquette. Discover e-mail best practices and essential tips that will help you establish a professional and effective line of communication with clients and colleagues alike.

Phone Etiquette

The phone call is often the beginning of your journey with a client. Having impeccable phone skills is paramount to the success of your training business. Discover essential tips and tricks that will enhance your phone etiquette, ensuring every client interaction leaves a lasting positive impression.

How CBD Can Help Animals

Unveil the potential of CBD for dogs with FetchFind's comprehensive course. Develop a fundamental grasp of the endocannabinoid system, discover the benefits for overall health, and explore its application in addressing specific conditions. Learn to identify risks and symptoms of marijuana toxicosis.

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