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Welcome to FetchFind’s dedicated hub for pet retailers. Here, we understand that the pet retail industry is more than just transactions – it’s about connecting pets to the products that enhance their health, happiness, and well-being. This is why we’ve curated a range of expert-led courses, resources, and insights specifically designed to empower pet retailers like you.

FetchFind's Value to Pet Retailers

With FetchFind, you gain access to a comprehensive suite of courses, covering every facet of the pet retail business. Delve into topics ranging from customer service to pet health and risk mitigation. We ensure you’re equipped to provide an exceptional retail experience for your customers and their beloved pets.

Training New Employees

Promote culture and safety through comprehensive onboarding for new hires.

Product and Brand Education

Help pet care staff understand the unique features and benefits of different brands and products through interactive and engaging lessons.

Continuing Education

Continue professional development through FetchFind’s expansive content and brand library.

Team Building

Track courses assigned, encourage friendly competition and recognition among staff members, and facilitate group discussions and knowledge sharing.

Engaging and Motivating Staff

Reward staff members with points, badges and prizes for completing courses and engaging with the platform through gamified features.

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The KONG Story
Get a firsthand look at our mobile-first, user-friendly, intuitive design with a sample lesson, “The KONG Story”. Experience the features that make us the choice of pet retail professionals.

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“FetchFind is excited to join hands with IndiePet, a frontrunner in pet retail education. This collaboration broadens our training spectrum, infusing our platform with in-depth retail knowledge. From product insights to customer service excellence, explore the enriching world of pet retail, brought to you by FetchFind in association with IndiePet.”

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Here’s a glance at some of our Pet Retail education courses

Pet Food Brand Education

Pet Food brand education is a vital component of our centralized education platform! Elevate your expertise on various foods in your store, empowering your business and exceed customer expectations with our collection of pet food education, all in one place.

How to be a Team Player in your Pet Business

Being a team player in the pet industry is essential to satisfying customer needs and employee satisfaction. FetchFind's "How to Be a Team Player" course touches on communication, collaboration, and conflict management skills to foster a positive work environment and achieve remarkable results.

Creating a Positive Customer Experience

Creating a Positive Customer Experience" is an overview of providing great customer service in the pet retail industry. The course covers powerful strategies for providing exceptional customer service, touching on the importance of first impressions, engaging customer interactions, and much more.

Mental Health in the Workplace

This course aims to shed light on mental health issues, empowering leaders and managers to spot the signs, know how to prevent, or intervene when necessary. "Mental Health in the Workplace" provides the means to maintaining a culture where all employees are supported and empowered to thrive in the workplace.

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