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Welcome to FetchFind, the go-to centralized learning platform specifically tailored for the pet industry. Together with the World Pet Association and other industry leaders, we deliver expert-led training, innovative resources, and deep insights into leading pet care brands.

FetchFind's Value to Manufacturers

FetchFind offers brands a unique opportunity to connect with a diverse audience of pet care and retail professionals. By connecting with our learners, brands provide accurate and engaging product education, build a network of brand advocates, reach targeted audiences, and drive sales growth.

Brand Advocacy

Transform our learners into your brand advocates. These professionals are often the first point of contact for pet owners seeking advice, making them powerful influencers within the pet care industry.

Product Education

Directly inform pet care professionals about your products, ensuring they understand and effectively communicate their unique benefits.

Sales Growth

Empower knowledgeable professionals to recommend your products to pet owners, driving sales and fostering brand loyalty with powerful influencers within the pet care industry.

Targeted Reach

Track courses assigned, encourage friendly competition and recognition among staff members, and facilitate group discussions and knowledge sharing.

Gamified Learning

By blending challenges, rewards, and playful design, FetchFind’s gamification approach motivates learners, enhances retention, and makes education fun and effective.

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The KONG Story
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Here’s a glance at some of our Brand and Retail education courses



In this course, Bravo!, a pioneer in establishing the raw diet and freeze-dried category within the pet industry, educates on their species-appropriate, all-natural, fresh-frozen raw diets, freeze-dried diets and treats, and all-natural chews guided by the principle of "Making Healthy Happen".


Understanding Customer Motivations

This course for store managers and supervisors helps them to gain an in-depth understanding of customer psychology. It answers questions such as why customers come to certain stores, and why they buy what they buy.



Enhance your conversations with your customers with this lesson on the story of Canidae pet food. This lesson gives you the "why" behind their goal of creating a world of sustainable goodness for pets and our planet.


Persuasive Selling

"Persuasive Selling" teaches useful techniques when negotiating a sale to get that close.

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