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Welcome to FetchFind’s exclusive space for pet groomers. We understand that your work is an art and a science, requiring not only technical skills but also a deep understanding of pet health and well-being. That’s why we’ve curated a collection of specialized courses and resources tailored to the unique needs of pet groomers.

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FetchFind's Value to Groomers

FetchFind opens doors to a wide range of courses, covering all crucial aspects of pet grooming. Dive into topics like advanced grooming techniques, understanding pet skin and coat health, safe handling practices, and more. Our aim is to bolster your grooming skills while enhancing your knowledge of overall pet care.

Business Growth and Development

Improve your grooming business performance and profitability through more effective and knowledgeable service. Expand your services or offerings by training in new areas. Stay competitive in a rapidly evolving industry.

Customer Service Excellence

Improve customer service skills to enhance the overall customer experience. Build stronger relationships with dog owners, leading to increased customer loyalty and repeat business.

Emergency Preparedness

Ensure you are prepared to handle emergencies, from minor injuries to major health crises, while grooming dogs. Reduce the risk of negative outcomes in emergency situations.

Product and Brand Education

Equip staff with detailed knowledge of different brands and products. Stay updated on the latest products and trends. Improve product recommendations and customer service.

Technology Adoption

Stay updated on the latest technology trends in the dog grooming industry. Improve efficiency and productivity through effective use of technology.

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Brushes 101
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Here’s a glance at some of our Grooming education courses

Grooming Product Library

Grooming brand education is a vital component of our centralized education platform! Elevate your expertise on a wide range of products and tools, whether you're already using them or exploring new options. Access all the brand education you need in one place, enabling your team to make informed product decisions confidently.

Fear Free lesson for Groomers

Gain incredible insights from our partner Fear Free in this lesson "Fear Free for Groomers". Incorporating Fear Free techniques into your grooming interactions can keep your team safer, increase client retention, and help keep pets calmer and easier to handle.

Phone Etiquette

As the initial point of contact with your customers, having impeccable phone skills is paramount to your grooming business' success. Discover essential tips and tricks that will enhance your phone etiquette, ensuring every customer interaction leaves a lasting positive impression.

Handling Difficult Clients

As you know, handling difficult grooming clients can be a balancing act! In this course, we discuss best practices for effective problem-solving and creating positive experiences for your clients.

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