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Empowering Veterinary Support Staff with Comprehensive Knowledge and Expert Training

Welcome to FetchFind’s dedicated hub for veterinary support staff. We understand that you play a crucial role in providing top-quality care to pets and their families. To help you excel, we’ve gathered a selection of focused courses and resources designed specifically to meet the needs of veterinary support staff.

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FetchFind's Value to Veterinary Offices

At FetchFind, we provide a rich assortment of courses, spanning key areas of non-licensed veterinary support. From animal handling support to customer service and emergency response, we ensure you’re fully equipped to assist in delivering the best possible veterinary support care.

Client Confidence and Trust

Build client confidence and trust by showcasing your training and qualifications. Differentiate your veterinary office from competitors. Attract more clients through positive word-of-mouth and referrals.

Emergency Preparedness

Ensure you are prepared to handle emergencies, from minor injuries to major health crises, in your veterinary office. Reduce the risk of negative outcomes in emergency situations.

Engaging and Motivating Staff

Reward learning achievements with points, badges, and prizes. Increase staff retention by providing opportunities for professional growth. Boost morale and job satisfaction.

Inclusive and Diverse Workplace

Promote an inclusive and diverse workplace through training on topics like cultural competency and unconscious bias. Attract a wider range of employees and customers by demonstrating your commitment to inclusivity.

Product and Brand Education

Equip staff with detailed knowledge of different brands and products. Stay updated on the latest products and trends. Improve product recommendations and customer service.

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What is Fear Free
Get a firsthand look at our mobile-first, user-friendly, intuitive design with a sample lesson, “What is Fear Free for Vets”. Experience the features that make us the choice of veterinary support staff professionals.


FetchFind's Veterinary Support Staff Education Association Partner

FetchFind + Fear Free

FetchFind proudly collaborates with Fear Free, a champion in creating stress-free environments for pets in veterinary settings. This partnership enriches our training content for veterinary support staff, focusing on empathy, understanding, and creating a fear-free atmosphere. With Fear Free’s expertise, FetchFind aims to redefine veterinary support staff learning.

Here’s a glance at some of our Veterinary Support Staff education courses

Phone Etiquette

As the initial point of contact with your clients, having impeccable phone skills is paramount to the success of your front desk. Discover essential tips and tricks that will enhance your team's phone etiquette, ensuring every interaction with a pet parent leaves a lasting positive impression.

Handling Difficult Clients

As you know, pet parent behavior can be heightened as they enter your hosptial. In this course, we discuss best practices for effective problem-solving and creating positive experiences for your clients.

Safe Dog Greetings

In this lesson, empower your front desk team with the essentials of greeting patients safely and effectively. Giving your front desk staff the tools and strategies to stay safe and keep your patients calm in the waiting room can be essential to a positive experience for everyone.

Collars, Leashes, and Harnesses

Equip your team with essential knowledge about the various collars, leashes, and harnesses encountered during patient visits for smoother veterinary experiences. In this lesson, gain insights into the ins and outs of different equipment, ensuring top-notch care for every furry visitor.

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